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Class Grouping


Registration Class Organisation

There are 21 classes in Treganna organised to promote the best possible learning experience. This means that groupings must be flexible in order to adapt to the requirements and different aptitutes of each pupil across a huge range of curricular and social experience.


The physical grouping of the school places pupils of the same age in colour coded year groups. These classes will often plan together and share activities such as school trips and visitors.


In order to keep a close track of pupils academic progress and their welfare it essential that we divide this large number of pupils into realistic family and Learning Groups. The easiest way to describe how this works at Treganna is to consider it as three different schools under one roof. These "schools " are called Learning Communities and they are named after the branches of the Mabinogi.


Pwyll       Branwen           Manawydan  and the nursery unit   Math


These LC (Learning Communities) form the basis for the school family for each pupil. Each LC will consist of 7 registration classes , teachers and their assistants and will span the school life of the pupil. Pupils will progress from the reception class through to their final year at Treganna as members of one learning community. One staff member of each LC will be designated as the head of this group. 


The Leader will chair meetings and track carefully the academic and social welfare and progress of each pupil in their LC. They will also be responsible for teacher performance related pay, child welfare and safeguarding.


What else do you organise according to Learning Community?


One of the ways we cope with the sheer size of Treganna , is to establish theses internal communities. As well as a clear supervision of academic progress they also provide for the careful pastoral care of each pupil. Another vital aspect of the function of these communities is to provide for an equality of opportunity . Whilst we aim to provide opportunity for pupils to compete and perform beyond the school boundaries, we are also anxious that all pupils are provided as many opportunities as possible . To this end each Community will ;


  • Maintain its' own sports teams
  • Hold it's own Eisteddfod
  • Produce its' own Concerts
  • Present Parent evening / consultations



Banding and Ability Grouping


The registration classes are allocated on a random basis and although there will be some movement and changes these will be most unusual and usually instigated by the lead teaching and learning professional in the interest of facilitating the best possible learning environment for each child. Internal class groupings according to ability and aptitude will be much more flexible and liable to change on a weekly basis. As pupils enter into the older phases of their primary career , we will make use of banding and ability groups to more accurately target appropriate content , teaching and challenge.


How do you allocate Registration Classes?


​The initial allocation of pupils to classes is according to age. Since all Christmas concerts, Parental consultations, residential trips etc are held as LC, all immediate family members will be allocated to the same community. Any re organisation of classes will occur at the end of the reception year. After this most pupils will remain with their class grouping throughout their school life.


It is extremely unlikely that we will be able to acquiesce to individual requests to change classes within the academic year. Following extensive consultation with our highly qualified teaching staff , we may decide to move individuals or groups into alternative arrangements or different classes according to their needs. These decisions will be made on the basis of educational and social welfare of the individuals. Whilst we are happy to discuss these changes there Is no appeal process and parents should consider these decisions final 


What about family members?


We make every effort to ensure that members of the immediate family ( up to first cousin) find themselves in the same LC. On the rare occasions where this has not been possible, parents are given the choice .




There is a significant body of advice which indicates that twins make better progress when in separate classes. Parents are given a choice in this matter but it remains our considered advice that twins be placed in separate classes


Play time


Pupils of the same age group play and dine together at all times during the day .

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