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Treganna has created a special section within its website where non-Welsh speaking parents/carers can view an English translation of their children's current classwork and homework. This has helped increase collaboration between parents/carers and teachers in the children's education. A few years ago the Education Deprtment of the Assembly decided to make a short video of this leading practice

General Homework


  • The homework will be set on the class’ page by Friday evening.
  •  Occasionally a particular activity might need information from an adult or might involve a process of interviewing and research. We ask for the co-operation and support of parents in such instances to ensure that the child is given the necessary information.


  •  Sometimes it is felt that a child might benefit from additional work in order to overcome a particular weakness or might need to concentrate on a specific aspect of the work. It might also be the case that an able child might benefit from some individual investigative work. In such cases we ask for the full support of the home in encouraging the child to complete this work.


Reading and Spelling


  • In the Foundation Phase, when ready, children will borrow a story book to read at home with the parent on a regular basis. A booklet ‘My Reading Record’ will accompany the book to record comments, which is then returned with the book.


  • In Key Stage 2 the children will read books in a specific language depending on the language lessons in the classroom which last a fortnight.



  • Again the booklet ‘My Reading Record’ will accompany the book to record comments, which is then returned with the book.


  • The pupils will receive a baseline spelling test every Monday focusing on a specific phonological sound from the Step Star scheme. By Monday evening the differentiated spelling words will be uploaded on the website. Then the children should revise and practice the words before the same spelling test on the Friday. Again, the words will coincide with language used during the language lessons.


We ask for the parents’ support to ensure that the work set is completed on time. All the homework tasks will be presented on the website, under the classes’ name.

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