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Illness Accident




If your child is unwell during school time, we will contact you so that you can collect him/her. If we are unable to contact parents we phone the contact and emergency numbers that you provide us with. You will, of course, understand why it is vitally important that these contact numbers are kept up to date.


Any accidents are recorded at school and parents receive a slip with details. Parents are notified of all bumps to the head.


Pupils are not allowed to attend school with infectious illnesses such as German Measles, Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis. A comprehensive list of these kinds of illness is available through your GP (who will of course advise if you need to inform school).

Head Lice

We follow County Council guidelines in this matter and ask that you:


  • keep your child at home until the head lice have been eradicated


  • inform us of the infestation so that we can warn other parents to inspect their children


If your child attends School with head lice, we will contact you to come and collect them for treatment. Your pharmacist will be able to provide you with the appropriate treatment. Please follow directions to the letter as failure to do so will result in the return of these pests.




Pupils are not allowed to keep medicine of any kind. If your child must take medicine during the day you are expected to make all possible arrangements to visit school to give supervision. No member of staff is able to undertake this duty without special arrangement with the school. If it is necessary for you to enter into such an arrangement with the school it is important that you complete the application form available from the school office or on line.


Please make sure that your child has the correct equipment with him/her at all times. It is not possible for us to "borrow" prescribed drugs, pumps, epipens etc.



Pupils suffering from asthma must be able to self administer without adult help.

Pumps should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name. Although pumps are not kept in the classroom, pupils have access to these at all times. Dosage details and any special arrangements should be sent to school.



If your child has an allergy that requires or may require medical attention, please contact the school as soon as possible. We work closely with the Local Authority medical team, and our school nurse is available to provide us with training and advice on dealing with medical emergencies. There are pupils at school with severe nut allergies. Nuts of any kind are not allowed to be brought to school.


Sun Safety


Please provide your child with a hat and appropriate eyewear during sunny periods.

Remember to protect your child with a high factor sun screen during the summer months.


Physical activity and General well-being

The health of our pupils is very important. We've been working closely with Schools Health Bodies on a number of initiatives to make sure that we give early guidance and wise blueprints for a healthy lifestyle. The playing together scheme "Criw'r Iard" is developing hand in hand with our concentrated efforts to make the school yard an exciting and challenging environment. Recent developments include the marking the yard with playtime games. In addition to the two sessions of Physical Education which every child attends each week, we offer additional opportunities for the pupils through our sports clubs, swimming lessons, tennis taster sessions along with competing in a variety of sporting tournaments.

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