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School Council, Yard Crew and Eco Council

Yard Crew

The Yard Crew is a very successful pastoral scheme for playtimes. Pupils from Year 5 are responsible for the duty. These pupils apply to become a member of the Crew. They have to complete an application form and are interviewed by a member of staff before they are selected as a member. Teams of 6 pupils are on duty for a week at a time and their role is to:

Monitor the use of the equipment

Make a note of equipment that is either broken or needs replacing

Support and be a friend to other pupils on the yard, keeping an eye out for children who are lonely, sad, have had an accident or a falling out.

The aim of the scheme is to make playtimes a happy and fair environment for every pupil.


School Council and Eco Council

Treganna School Council is a community of pupils who are elected by their peers at the beginning of each year. The main aim of the council is to represent the voice of each pupil in school. Every class, from Year 1 to Year 6 elect one member, and members of Year 6 have the responsibility for chairing the meetings. At the beginning of the year, the council will decide upon open-ended targets and through discussion between the members and their classes, actions will take place in order to realise the targets set, which aim to improve the school life of our pupils.


The members of the Eco Council are responsible for representing the class in all matters related to the eco and the environment of the school. They meet once a fortnight in order to discuss any concerns or feedback from the class. This year, litter in the school and the local area is their main concern and is a target for improvement for the Eco Council.


The School Council has webpages on the Treganna website.

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