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Starting School for the first time

Welcome to Ysgol Treganna.

Starting School


Every year children start school - and every year parents wonder what to do. Whether it's your child's first day at Treganna or the start of year three, there are always new challenges. Children, as well as parents, often struggle with saying goodbye at the classroom door and hello to the start of a new year.


Some will start the year off easily, breezing into the classroom with a quick goodbye - but after a few days (or even weeks) - cling as you try to leave. Others will enter the building only under protest from day one. Then there are those who rush off to school with great enthusiasm but meltdown the instant you pick them up. Others may get stomachaches, or have difficulty falling asleep.

Some may even experience going to school as a rejection, particularly if a younger sibling stays home with a parent or caregiver.


"Parents as well need to let go,learn to trust the teachers, and support their children's independent experience. And they need to recognize that their children may not approach school and learning the way they did,"

 Michael Thompson,Ph.D. “ The Pressured Child.”


These pages are here to help, to answer some frequent questions and provide some simple advice. Above all - If you need anythingget in touch. No one will refuse advise or even be amused at the question. Teachers are there for parents and children.



How can I help, when I don’t speak Welsh?


Staring School - some advice from the BBC website "School Gate"




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